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(English) Importing Your Life to Luxembourg

Importing Your Life to Luxembourg

Whether you plan to move to Luxembourg from the U.S. or from a European country, you may need to know the steps to take to import your household goods or car along with you. If you are relocating from another country in Europe, having everything transported by truck will most likely be the ideal way to have things moved, but if you’re moving from overseas, you will have to consider air or sea transport companies.

There is only one shipping port in Luxembourg where you can ship home furnishings, automobiles and other large shipments and that is Mertert in eastern Luxembourg. You can also ship to neighboring countries including Belgium, Germany and France and then have the shipment loaded onto a truck and driven to your new location in Luxembourg.

Choosing a Transport Company
With hundreds, if not thousands of company listings found online, it can be difficult to narrow the leads down to find a reliable transport company to ship internationally to Luxembourg that you can trust with your belongings. A quality company will be able to provide their licensing information as well as offer a competitive quote for services.

It’s a good idea to check for reviews online to see what other customers have said about companies that you find so you can not only see if they have good reviews, but also to see how they may have handled any negative reviews. The best way to get a quote is usually to fill out a form on the transport company website and then speak to an agent to provide proper details on the automobile or household goods you need to ship to get a more personalized rate to ship everything.

Generally, it can cost between €1900 and €5000. to ship a car to Luxembourg from the United States, and it is best to ship to a neighboring country with a seaport and then have the car transported via land to your home.

Documents Needed for Importing Property to Luxembourg
You are going to have to provide some important documents to Customs to enter as well as import your household property or automobile to Luxembourg. When you begin to plan your move to Luxembourg, you will need to gather the following documents:

• Passport
• Driver’s License (For identification and to import vehicle)
• Visa (residence or work visa)
• Arrival Declaration
• Bill of Lading (AirWay Bill)
• Certificate of Residence
• Declaration 136 F
• T-Form (If moving with new furniture and household goods)
• Proof of Insurance (For vehicle import)
• Proof of ownership (Vehicle)
• Title (Vehicle)
• Vehicle Purchase Invoice (Vehicle)
• Registration (Vehicle)
• Attestation from Employer
• Consumption Declaration (New furniture and household goods)

Fortunately for those moving to Luxembourg, customs regulations are not quite as stringent as they can be in other countries and it is not difficult to bring property in as long as you follow the rules. Importing a vehicle can be tedious and you must adhere to Customs regulations precisely to be able to import.

To Import Duty Free
Vehicles can be imported duty free if the owner has had the car in their possession for no less than six months before moving to Luxembourg and they agree to not sell or loan the vehicle within one year after importing. The vehicle must have no less than 3728 miles on the engine.

Household Goods
Household goods can be imported duty free if the owner has used the items for no less than six months before the move and does not plan to sell anything after it is in the country.

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